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The vision of Stay Sharp Nation is to provide education to Ohio salon professionals to promote superior leadership and excellent technical hairdressing.

Stay Sharp Nation Salon Education evolved out of a passionate group of hairdressers who work together at Virtue Salon in Columbus, Ohio. Virtue Salon started in a tiny space in 2010, just 600 square feet. As the years went on and the salon grew, Virtue ended up in a 3000 square foot space by 2015.

Immediately the opportunities were endless. The Virtue Salon Team had always had a desire to share with the rest of the salon industry. In the new space, it was possible to offer education to the greater community.  It had been challenging to get consistent and excellent education locally so Stay Sharp Nation started to provide it.

The first class was with DJ Muldoon, a three-hour look-and-learn. 75 hairdressers were in attendance! It was obvious in at that moment that they had to continue forward as a pioneer in bringing top notch salon education to Ohio.

By 2017 it was obvious that the educators within the walls of Virtue Salon were ready to spread their wings.  Over a pitcher of Moscow Mules on a front porch among friends, the idea of an education team was born. It was apparent immediately that this movement was what the community wanted and needed.  In 2018, the Stay Sharp Nation Education Team (in conjunction with the visiting national educators) supplied education hours for over 2300 licensed professionals in Ohio.

The Team hosts national education at Virtue Salon and travels to salons for customized education.