Hello Kendra!

Tell us about your passion for the industry-

I have always wanted to be part of the cosmetology industry.  I really became aware of this while is was in High School and felt embarrassed and anxious every time that I would go to the stylist.  At age 7, I developed psoriasis all over my scalp and body; which made going to get my hair done a not so fun experience.  Ever since I realized I felt that way, I decided I didn't want any one else to ever have those same reservations.  Being behind the chair has given me ample opportunities to interact with many others who do suffer from psoriasis and help put their minds at ease about having their hair done.  

Apart from my initial desire to do hair; this industry has been incredible in many ways.  This career has changed my life and in return I have been given the chance to change the lives of my guests.  It has been humbling to become a part of people's lives in a very personal way.  This intimate interaction is what make this industry much more than a career.

What are your credentials?

  • Paul Mitchell the school Cincinnati

  • Advanced Education with Angus Mitchell, DJ Muldoon, John Mosley, Dave Holland, Lucie Doughty, Emma Long, Tina Anderson.

  • Advanced Cutting and Color class in Chicago with Christian Gaytan and Jenn Montoya