Twist + Pin

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Twist + Pin


Have you ever been frustrated when a bride shows up on the wedding day with wet hair? Or the bridesmaids are 20 minutes late? Have you ever had to explain to someone with fine hair why the up-style they desire won’t work?

Twist + Pin is a unique educational experience using live models, you will learn 4 structured up-styles that can be used and modified in salon reality. Twist + Pin is an intimate learning experience limited to 10 students.

Understand the common mistakes and challenges in up-styling and learn how to overcome them. Discovering these challenges will eliminate the fear associated with up-styling in the salon. Learn how to ask the right questions to set the stage for a great up-style experience for both you and your guest.

5 CE hours per student.

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Manikins will be supplied by Stay Sharp Nation.

Attendees must provide:

  • Hair pins

  • Bobby pins

  • Small rubber bands

  • Clips

  • Teasing brush

  • Paddle Brush

  • Tail comb

  • Hairspray

  • Texturizing powder