Hello Amy!

What is your passion for education?

I once heard a quote that said “teaching is a profession, that makes all other professions.”  This is a great reminder and motivator. I am completing my Bachelors in Education because of my burning passion to educate others and to teach. With that, looking back my favorite educators have been the most passionate. When they talk, I can feel it. That is who I aspire to be. Combining my love for doing hair and my desire to teach is a dream come true. Sharing knowledge with the world is powerful and rewarding. 

What is your favorite part of being an educator?

Knowledge is power right? We’ve all heard that a time or two. Education is so exciting, learning something new is so exciting, teaching is so exciting! When I learn something knew I cannot wait to try it. Same with teaching, I want to tell the world when I make a new discovery.